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In Asahikawa area there are a lot of backcountry fields.
For people who stay in Asahikawa as the Base of skiing , Asahikawa Ride have started backcountry gear rental service.

We have introduced 24-hour use rental service. You can use gears for 24 hours from the time you borrowed it.
For example, in the 1st day afternoon you can enjoy short trip in the suburbs of Asahikawain, then you can go to great mountain "Asahidake"  the next day from the early morning.




※Additional charge after 48 hours


・ Please reserve by 20 o'clock of the previous day.
・ Identification (driver's license, passport etc) is required.
・ "24 hours" means that you can use 24 hours from renting to returning.
・ Backcountry skiing is a very dangerous. We can not take responsibility for accidents and injuries which are not caused by troubles of our rental gears.
・ Rental fee does not include insurance fee. Please buy insurance by yourself.
・ If you seem to be drunk too much, we may refuse to lend.
・ Delayed fee will be charged if return time is too late.
・ If the returning time seems to be delayed, please be sure to contact us.
・ If you broke rental gears, we will charge for repair fee.
・ Contact information and access map of Asahikawa Ride are as follows.

      Guesthouse Asahikawa Ride
      Nissho building 2F, 6jo-dori 7-chome,
         Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
   Tel  : 0166-73-7923
   FAX: 0166-73-7997

Asahikawa Ride Access Map

We have a special offer for the guest of Asahikawa Ride and tour participant!

How to Hire

Please be sure to send the message after describing the following information in the reservation content column of the following application form beforehand because there are limitations in the number of gears.

The set discount is applied automatically.The set discount is applied automatically.

After receiving the message, we will reply.

◎ Date and time of coming

◎ Date of return

◎ Gears you want to use

◎ Number of  people

Application Form



Phone Number

Mail Address

Date of Coming

Time of Coming

Date of Return

Gears you want to use

Number of People


Our Services

- 自転車の販売

- 自転車の点検・整備・修理

- 車いすの点検・整備・修理

- レンタサイクル

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10am - 6pm


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