ASAHIKAWA Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental

City bike

Reception time 10:00~18:00

24h  1200 Yen

more +1000Yen/24h

​3h 500Yen  more+100Yen/h

Hybrid bike MERIDA CROSSWAY100-R

Reception time 10:00~18:00

24h  3000Yen

more +2500Yen/24h

3h 1500Yen  more+500Yen/h

Available Rented goods



​・Wire lock

Important Points

If you ride a hybrid bike Always wear a helmet for safety.

​・Please obey Japan’s safety rules.

・We will refuse to lend out if we judge that the ride is dangerous in bad weather.

・If you have trouble getting on drunk alcohol etc, I will refuse to lend.

・Delayed fee will be charged if the return time is too long.

・When returning time seems to be delayed please be sure to contact us.

・We will charge the repair fee when we give the bicycle a breakdown which will  hinder the operation.

・If you wish to lend the previous night and before 9 o'clock the same day, please  contact us.

​・Insurance fee is not included in rental fee.

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・The date of use

・Number of people

・City Bike or hybrid Bike

・User height

・Email address and phone number

​・Estimated arrival time if you know

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How to make a reservation


Our Services

- 自転車の販売

- 自転車の点検・整備・修理

- 車いすの点検・整備・修理

- レンタサイクル

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10am - 6pm


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