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Reception time  10:00-18:00

ASAHIKAWA Bicycle Rental

City bike Booking

5h      ¥1,000     +1h¥250
24h       ¥1,500    +1day¥1,000
1week  ¥6,600    +1day¥700


Hybrid bike Booking

5h        ¥2,000       +1h¥500
24h      ¥3,000       +1day¥2,500
1week ¥13,200     +1day¥1,400

Frame size 41㎝:150-175㎝ 
Equipment:Helmet, Wire lock, Light


MTB Booking

5h         ¥2,500     +1h¥600
24h       ¥3,800     +1day¥2,500
1week  ¥16,500   +1day¥1,700

MERIDA BIG SEVEN  Shimano Tourney3x8
Frame size  43㎝:160-175㎝
Equipment:Helmet, Wire lock, Light

ViVi SX.jpg

Electric City bike Booking

5h         ¥2,500     +1h¥600
Only in 1 day


Roadbike Booking

5h         ¥3,000     +1h¥750
24h       ¥4,500     +1day¥3,000
1week  ¥19,800   +1day¥2,100

MERIDA RIDE80 Shimano Claris 2x8
MERIDA Scultura400 Shimano 105 2×11
Frame size  44㎝:155-165㎝
Equipment:Helmet, Wire lock, Light


Option for bike touring Booking

Rear carrier

・Side bag

・Rinkou bag(Portable bike carry bag)

5h        ¥350     +1h¥100
24h      ¥500     +1day¥3000
1week ¥2300   +1day¥200

※These prices are per item.
※These options are only available for cross bikes, road bikes and gravel bikes.


E-Bike Booking

5h         ¥4,000     +1h¥1,000
Only in 1 day


5h        ¥3,500     +1h¥900
24h      ¥5,300     +1day¥3,500
1week ¥23,100   +1day¥2,400

MERIDA CYCLO CROSS 400 Shimano105 2x11
Frame size 50㎝:165-175㎝ 
Equipment:Helmet, Wire lock, Light

Important Points

・If you ride a hybrid bike Always wear a helmet for safety.

​・Please obey Japan’s safety rules.

・We will refuse to lend out if we judge that the ride is dangerous in bad weather.

・If you have trouble getting on drunk alcohol etc, I will refuse to lend.

・Delayed fee will be charged if the return time is too long.

・When returning time seems to be delayed please be sure to contact us.

・We will charge the repair fee when we give the bicycle a breakdown which will  hinder the operation.

・ If you wish to rent out outside business hours, you will be charged an additional 500 yen (negotiable if you can rent out). Business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00. The regular holiday is Sunday. Other temporary closures will be announced on our website, Google, etc. If you rent it on a holiday, we will not rent it for 3 hours. Please note that it will be rented for 24 hours or more.

​・Insurance fee is not included in rental fee.

About cancellation

● A cancellation fee will be charged from 2 days before the rental start date.


   2 days to the day before the rental start date       50%

  On the day                                                               100%

● Cancellation fee is exempted only in case of force majeure (bad weather that may cause danger to cycling (based on warning), paralysis of public transportation).


Application form

Please fill in the required items in the "application form" below and send it.
After confirming the contents, we will reply.

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